The Truth of Genesis: An Attack Against Christians and Jews – Part 1, The Origin of Satan!

In advance of our universe was created, God had already made undiscovered billions of other creations previously, and assigned arc-angels since superintendents over them. Yehovah was making one past creation, the universe of man, which He carried out 4. 6 billion years ago, according to the geologist. Therefore , in the early stages of our existence, God created this universe, starting with the globe Earth, the principal celestial entity.

Yehovah (God) is a designer by nature. Each environment He would create would be a bit totally different from the previous one. After creating so many millions of them, them began to be taxing to simultaneously keep up with them, all at once. Yehovah had already created other classes of angels, just like seraphims (with six wings, the lowest ranking), and angels with four wings, and higher ranking angels (cherubims) with two wings. At the head of the class were the exact cherubs without wings, called arc-angels. The cherubs and also cherubims would act as messengers to any of the creations of which God had made. God created one chief angel, more powerful than any of the rest, named Lucifer, to be The lord’s executive administrator.

But there came the time that there have been completely so many creations, that personally keeping up with each one became “work”, instead of a “joy”. So God created more cherubs (with special powers) that would be assigned as superintendents of each of your universes that had been made. Also, after the end of every Construction Week of each new universe, God would create a innovative cherub to manage and care for the creation. At usual intervals, each overseer would report to Heaven, on a moving group basis, and give their report to Lucifer, who would next approach God with each cherub’s account of growth made and state of being.

After many, many regarding Earth years of receiving the reports from the administrative cherubs, Lucifer considered his position as “boring”, and began to wish for00 an assignment as an overseer, and watch the progress about beings that God would have created.

Time and time again, Lucifer sought after an assignment, but God would say “no’, for the reason that Lucifer was not created for such a purpose. But time, just after time, after time, Lucifer pleaded for an assignment, right until God finally relented. Yehovah would soon form His particular last creation, and promised Lucifer that he would be the movie director, and that Earth would be his new home forever. Nonetheless it appears that Lucifer secured other covenants between him along with Yehovah.

After the end of (our) Creation Week, Yehovah assigned His chief angel in Heaven (Lucifer), while superintendent of this cosmos. Michael, one of the twelve original arc-angels, was promoted to Lucifer’s former position. For more than 3 or more billion years, Lucifer served faithfully, but later begun to grow tired of “listening to the grass grow”. Original the particular had not advanced as quickly as Lucifer had created at first, and sought to help them along…, for the price of these folks giving worship to him, but mankind refused.

Looking at the fossil and geologic records, it seems that Lucifer attempted to use “gentle” persuasion at first, by causing mild geologic “occurrences”. When it became obvious that such tactics just weren’t going to work, Lucifer became wroth, and iniquity did start to set in. He began to look for a way to force the earthlings that will kneel down to him. By focusing on the most elementary of life forms found in the seas, using trial and error, Lucifer discovered the concept of death, which had not yet before was around.

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Death is the resultant state of being that once have life. Life is the capacity to exhibit functions such as growth, metabolic processes, reproduction, and response to stimuli. It is also the ability to adapt to the community in order to continue, or to improve, existence. It’s the physical, thought, and spiritual experiences that constitute existence, especially, by way of human being. Physical death is the removal or termination associated with such functions, from an entity that once had like functions. Generally, plant life is immobile, but can extend while being rooted in one central location. Animal and human a lot more generally mobile, and the functions of life are grouped together as having the “spirit” of life. Once the “spirit” of life is gone from (or can no longer remain in) the physical body, death is the resultant state to be. All spirits are created by God.